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Hooked on Nature collaborated with the Alliance for Childhood to promote the PBS documentary film Where Do the Children Play? The film seeks to raise awareness of the problems resulting from the drastic decline in the amount of time children spend playing freely in nature. It examines how the situation of play deprivation has come about and offers a wide range of perspectives through the voices of children, parents and experts studying the field. 

Interviews with Richard Louv, (author of Last Child in the Woods), Stuart Brown, (founder of the National Institute for Play, Joan  Almon (Executive Director of the Alliance for Childhood),  Penny Wilson (Play Association Tower Hamlets), and Elizabeth Goodenough (author of The Secret Spaces of Childhood) are informative, thought provoking and heartfelt.

?We?ve fought to preserve as many natural resources as possible, but children?s access to natural resources is being systematically eliminated?, says Elizabeth Goodenough, Project Advisor to the documentary and author of the accompanying book of the same title. ?We want the issues raised by the film to become part of our national debate about land use. Children are never brought to the table when this is being discussed, but they are major stakeholders, so their views and needs ought to carry great weight when we talk about land use.?

For more information on Where Do the Children Play, and a preview of the film, visit http://www.michigantelevision.org/childrenplay/