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A paradigm of being in relationship with nature, connecting rather than using or thinking about nature was introduced to participants during the morning keynote and played with during four afternoon game workshops. The intention was that lessons learned from the experience of the games would ignite young ones hearts and awareness to see and feel the Earth and everything as something they are connected with and can relate to... and that this is more than a mental exercise, it is an actual new friendship ? a Lovebond -  that they can develop for their entire lives. 

As Brenda Morgan, the main speaker and founder of For Generations To Come shared, ?the result would be the awakening of an 'automatic-care-response' when life choices need to be made at any age.?  Children would be strengthened with feeling good about themselves because they have this ever present connection.

During her keynote address Brenda Morgan gave the example of a race to a tree where there tends to be ?a sense of separateness, of aloneness where the tree is separate/alone, you are separate/alone and, in all probability, using the tree to feel, temporarily better by getting something: a ribbon, a good grade, an identity for being fast or learning its name.  What is missing is the forming of a relationship with this living being who looks, and experiences existence differently than you.? 

Brenda Morgan
Having a consistent experience of adults modeling and encouraging an intuition of the 'things' in this world as being actual living friends who love you and who you are deeply connected to even though they don't necessarily speak or do human things is a very different activity than trying to think your way into caring for the Earth.  To facilitate this new feeling sense, some of the  'Awesome Things About Living On The Earth' were presented as guidelines which game leaders drew inspiration from for their game activities. 

The conference brought together a diverse group of local organizations many of whom hosted information tables including a visit from a falcon from the Leslie Science Center Raptor Rescue.

The day's event was made possible with the support and collaboration of Hooked On Nature as well as the following organizations and donors from the greater Ann Arbor community:

All Forms Physical Therapy, Busch?s of Dexter, Children?s Nature Institute, Everybody Happy Yoga & Healing Center, Girl Scouts of the Huron Valley Council, Ann Arbor Hands On Museum, Heart and Soul Ecological Landscaping & Natural Building, Howell Conference & Nature Center, Leslie Science Center, Lotus Blossom Creations, Nature's Heart Beat, and Whole Foods Market.