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History & Accomplishments

Saying Goodby at Fort Mason, San Francisco: Wileta Burch, Mary Roscoe, Wendolyn Bird, Diane Gorden, Avery Cleary, Bill DeVincenzi, Beth DeVincenzi and Amy Perstschuk

Hooked On Nature’s mission was and is to inspire and empower people to develop loving relationships – with each other and the Earth. In 2003, HON set out to embed the idea that developing a loving relationship with nature has the potential to usher in a new era of restoration for humanity and the Earth. We began networking to discover creative ways to help people understand that nature restores the human spirit, fosters imagination, and sparks creativity.  We developed inspirational resources and workshops and created partnerships with a wide range of organizations to disseminate them.  The list of accomplishments below summarizes our work.

In 2010, Hooked On Nature decided to transition into a Grassroots Speakers Bureau with the goal of shining a spotlight on some of the amazing people who are working locally to inspire and empower people of all ages to develop a closer relationship with each other and the natural world.


Hooked On Nature Accomplishments

As we talked with people about their relationship with the natural world, several questions surfaced over and over again - What does a relationship with nature look like? What does it mean to connect with nature? What do I do? Where do I start?

To help people answer these questions for themselves, feel comfortable in nature, and excited about developing a relationship with the natural world we:

Created the

  • Hooked On Nature website
  • Nature Circles website
  • Children, Nature & You website
  • 52 Ways to Fall in Love with the Earth blog

Reached over 100,000 people through talks, workshops, and events


  • Tales from Earth to Sky
  • Coming Home: Experiences, Stories and Meditations
  • Reading the Book of Nature: 52 Ways to Fall in Love with the Earth
  • HON Birth – Five Nature Guide in English and Spanish
  • Nature Circle Cards
  • Hooked On Nature Activity guides


  • 56,000 sets of Nature Circle Cards
  • 2,750 copies of Reading the Book of Nature
  • 10,000 Hooked On Nature Activity Guides
  • 700 copies of Coming Home
  • 750 copies of Tales from Earth to Sky
  • 1,000 copies of the DVDs: Water, Living Land, Children and Nature, Sense of Place, Unfolding Story, Images for Reflection

Partnered with

  • Children & Nature Network to deliver three webinars to a national audience                             and create the Nature Clubs for Families Tool Kit
  • Regional Initiatives in Illinois, Michigan, Vermont, Maryland, North Carolina,               Texas, and the Bay Area to host conferences/strategic planning meetings/events
  • Genesis Farm in Blairstown, New Jersey to create a summer camp curriculum
  • FIRST 5, Santa Clara to create the Plant A Seed, Grow A Reader Workshop
  • Seattle’s Head Start Neighborhood House to pilot family nature outings
  • Hands On Museum in Ann Arbor, MI to create an exhibit that inspires an everyday connection to the larger community of life
  • American Camp Association, Children & Nature Network, National Wildlife Federation, and US Fish& Wildlife to distribute Nature Circle Cards
  • Childcare Resource Networks to develop a training model for early childcare
  • U.S. Fish & Wildlife to distribute Reading the Book of Nature
  • Children & Nature Network to launch Grand Ideas In Nature to outreach to grandparents