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Avery Cleary is the founder and Executive Director of Hooked On Nature, a non-profit that provides inspirational tools, resources and workshops to help people deepen their relationship with the natural world.  She is a member of the Grassroots Advisory Board  for the Children & Nature Network and co-founder of the San Francisco Bay Area Children in Nature Collaborative. Over the past two decades Avery has been a spokesperson and advocate for reuniting people and nature. 

Avery speaks about how time in nature strengthens family and community bonds and ignites deep caring for the natural world.  Her talks highlight resources that inspire, empower, and engage adult participation in the movement to connect children and nature and simple steps each of us can take to help make day to day experiences of nearby nature the cultural norm.  

Talks and workshops include: 52 Ways to Fall in Love with the Earth; Nature Circles: bringing people & nature together; Connecting with Nature: right here, right now; Three Ways to Help Children Fall in Love with the Earth

Avery has a background in early childhood education and community organizing. Her life has been devoted to facilitating community and organizational change through cooperation and collaboration.  Her work has taken her into board rooms, city council and law enforcement offices, juvenile justice programs, neighborhood meetings, classrooms, and living rooms where a host of social issues have been addressed.   She has heard people from all walks of life share how time in nature helped them restore balance to their lives, solve a problem, open up new possibilities and enhanced their overall sense of well-being.  She has witnessed the power of nature to make children healthier, happier and more creative.  She has been interviewed on numerous local radio and cable programs; co-hosted the international Beyond War Award satellite broadcast; and appeared on the Today Show. She has one grown daughter and lives in the San Francisco Bay Area of California.