?The children-and-nature movement has great potential because it touches something deep within us, biologically and spiritually.? 

         ~ Richard Louv (author of Last Child in the Woods)

The Greater Baltimore Children And Nature Collaborative follows these guiding principles to promote nature connections :

?Nature as Teacher and Nurturer - All children need time to explore nature through unstructured and self-directed play in nearby natural spaces.

? Connection - Nature provides an opportunity to deepen our relationship to our self, each other, and our environment.

? Community and Society - Preserving and creating natural settings, especially on public lands, provides restorative places for families and neighbors to interact and grow the community.

? Role Models - A caring adult who shares a love of the natural world can inspire a sense of awe and wonder in a child.

? Respect - Learning to respect nature and others is fundamental for our well being, the wellness of others and the Earth as a whole.

? Access - To engage and connect to nature, children and adults need access to information, resources, and developmentally appropriate activities.