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Hooked On Nature and Project Cornerstone collaborated in 2006 to create the resource sheet Simple Ways You Can Build Assets, Naturally.

Project Cornerstone promotes the research-based, developmental assets approach as a guiding framework and a common language to enable individuals and organizations to work together toward our common goal of supporting the healthy development of all children and youth.

Developmental assets are a framework of 41 building blocks that create a foundation for enhancing the health and well-being of children and youth. They are the experiences and opportunities that all young people need in order to grow into healthy, responsible adults.

Project Cornerstone?s vision is quite simple ? to build a web of support around every young person in the community.  This web of support includes families, schools, community centers, faith communities, and local businesses.  Unfortunately, these resources are often disconnected from each other as well as the children and youth they serve.  Project Cornerstone facilitates the connection of the separate parts of the web, so that young people can count on individuals and organizations working together to provide them with consistent support and guidance.

Created by the Search Institute www.search-institute.org and based on decades of research, developmental assets are the experiences, values, relationships, and opportunities that all children and youth need to thrive. We support the work of asset builders everywhere.  Contact Hooked On Nature to explore how Nature Circles can help build assets in your community.