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We are currently working in partnership with the American Camp Association, Children & Nature Network, National Wildlife Federation ,and US Fish and Wildlife to bring Nature Circles and
Nature Circle Cards to people everywhere.



Through collaborations with the following organizations we have been able to articulate a vision and demonstrate a few concrete ways we can help children develop loving relationships with the natural world.

Children & Nature Network American Camp Association Let's Go Outside Green Hour Take a child outside

Bay Area Children in Nature Collaborative    www.cincbayarea.org

Children In Nature Collaborative Central Texas  www.naturerocksaustin.org

Exploring A Sense of Place   www.exploringsenseofplace.org

Greater Baltimore Children and Nature Collaborative  www.gbcan.org

Nature Child Reunion   www.naturechildreunion.ca

North Carolina Children and Nature Coalition www.ncchildrenandnature.org

Click on the logos below to read about our past collaborations. 
We hope you find them as inspiring and hopeful as we do!