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is the President and Executive Director.  She has a background in early childhood education, intuitive management, and community organizing. The idea for Hooked On Nature grew out of her work with the mayor?s office and police department in Rutland, Vermont where she helped the city create Rutland?s United Neighborhoods.  She has served on the Board of Directors for Genesis Farm and Beyond War as it transitioned to the Foundation for Global Community.  She is currently a member of the Grassroots Advisory Board for the Children and Nature Network co-founded by Richard Louv and serves on the board of directors of For Generations to Come.  She has one grown daughter and currently lives in the San Francisco Bay area of California.

Diane Gordon
, Director Early Childhood Programs. Diane is an educator and children's advocate, with particular interest in nature, early chidhood issues, parent education, and family literacy. She received her teaching credential in Early Childhood/Kindergarten Education at whitelands College, (London University) England. Building on her experience as an early chidhood/kindergarten teacher, Diane has developed a series of Children,Nature, And You programs for parents and educators including "Plant A Seed, Grow A Reader". she also developed and directed a Vietnames/Hispanic Parent Literacy Program in cooperation with Head Start in San Jose and seminars for teen girls and their mothers in East Palo Alto, California.
Beth DeVincenzi, Director of Operations. Beth handles the behind the scenes business side of our work. She is also our webmaster. As a mother and grandmother, she was drawn to the vision of Hooked On Nature by her love of children and her concern for their future.
Wendolyn Bird, Co-Director Early Childhood Programs, brings a unique set of talents, training and experience to her workshops and presentations, based on more than a decade of running her own fully outdoor pre-school, Tender Tracks Tales and Trails, and Outdoor Summer Camps. Her skill set is enhanced by her experience as a licensed Psychiatric Technician who worked in Child-Adolescent Psychiatric Units, Juvenile Court Schools and the County Jail. She has taught many years in schools with diverse populations and is an accomplished story-teller and musician. Wendolyn has always loved being in nature, and has a deep understanding of the emotional, physical, academic and spiritual benefits that children receive from the natural world. She has expertise in how to engage children with nature, and how to engender and foster a love and affection for the earth and all living things.
Mary Hardcastle is the regional contact for Hooked On Nature and Coordinator of Environmental Education and Community Outreach for the Parks and People Foundation in Baltimore City. She is also the contact for the Leave No Child Inside movement in Baltimore; a founding member of the Greater Baltimore Children and Nature Collaborative (www.gbcan.org); and a board member of Earthome, a non-profit dedicated to promising sustainability in the Chesapeake Bay Region.