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Nature Circle Cards

Each set includes 15 experiences and 15 questions designed to deepen our relationship with the natural world. You can use these cards anywhere...let your imagination be your guide. Read more...

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Coming Home
Experiences, Meditations and Stories
to help us Reconnect with the World of Nature

"There is a universal longing buried deep within each of us for a return to unity and natural relatedness to the Earth and to all life ...It is now time to come home --home to our whole Earth home. It is time to heal and to restore our oneness and deep relatedness to all things." from Reawaking the Connection in "Coming Home".

The book "Coming Home" is offered to assist and inspire us
in our personal journey Home.

      Book $5.00 (US)    Quantity

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Tales From Earth To Sky, For The Young Child
(And Those Who Spend Time With Them)
by Wendolyn Bird

"FOR MANY A MILLENNIUM, STORIES AND SONGS HAVE BEEN THOUGHT OF AS WISDOM KEEPERS. They hold the deep ancestral, spiritual, emotional, and historical wisdom of the ages. Stories and songs have a magical way of aiding us all to a deeper understanding of ourselves and of life. They are like candles, guiding us through the darkest and lightest of times."

This enchanting CD includes 13 stories and accompanying songs to inspire you when you are outdoors with your children or students. The written guide has presentation ideas and words to all the songs. Click here for more information on the book.

      CD $19.95 (US)    Quantity

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